Our Services

SKC offers customized service plans and top-of-the-line bridging equipment to meet all your audioconferencing and videoconferencing needs. Backed by SKC’s award-winning support teams, SKC Conferencing Services offers a full array of bridging features to ensure efficient, effective and affordable conferences:

  • Reservationless 24/7 audio conferencing for up to 500 sites
  • Immediate support and assistance
  • Hosted, operator assisted conferences available
  • Simplified, to-the-second billing
  • Secure and reliable networks
  • Flexible service plans
  • Audio and video plans available for separate or combined use
  • Toll-free and caller-paid phone numbers

There are no extra charges for:

  • Reservation & pre-conference assistance
  • Speed matching
  • Continuous presence
  • Gateway services
  • Ad-hoc/unscheduled calls
  • Cancellations
  • Unused lines
  • Early call termination
  • Site certification/pre-testing


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