About Us

In 2010, California enacted the Transparency in Supply Chains Act.  The Act requires manufacturers and retailers to make certain disclosures regarding the risks of human trafficking and slavery in their supply chains.  As a “retail trade” company doing business in the State of California, below are the disclosures of SKC Communication Products, LLC (“SKC”) that are required by the Act.

SKC does not manufacturer any products, and the vast majority of the products SKC resells are purchased from vendors located in the United States.  For that reason, SKC does not believe there is an appreciable risk of human trafficking or slavery corrupting our supply chains, and we do not conduct the verification, audit, and related actions described in Section 1714.43(c)(1)–(5) of the California Civil Code.

SKC expects that its suppliers will conduct themselves in a fair and open manner, consistent with applicable laws and regulations and our contractual agreements.  SKC strives to do the right thing with respect to business conduct, ethics and corporate citizenship.