About Us

At SKC our philosophy is simple: exceed customer expectations

It’s what we all strive for on a daily basis.  Our employees’ dedication beyond the product ship date or the final installation is what makes our business relationships meaningful. It is so important to us that we constantly survey our customers to find out how we’re doing.  So, how are we doing?  Our average survey score is 4.72 (out of 5) on support surveys and 96% of our survey respondents said that they would refer SKC to other customers.


Our engineers evaluate how your organization communicates and develops a complete Unified Communications or audio visual system that uses your existing technology, new updated pieces, or a combination of both. By unifying different pieces of the communication technology puzzle, our designs allow your employees to seamlessly adopt new features intuitively.


After your system is designed, our project management and manufacturer-certified installation teams get to work setting up new pieces and introducing them to your existing technology so everything plays nicely together.


Your UC or A/V system doesn’t do you any good if it’s causing you problems or you’re always waiting for a meeting to begin because the technology doesn’t work. SKC’s managed services offer a variety of proactive maintenance capabilities so that you can go about your daily business while we make sure your systems are running smoothly. We then help you analyze detailed management reports that help you determine how to use the technology more efficiently.

Check out SKC’s GREEN Initiative.