Assertion and SKC Partner to Take SBC Security Solutions to the US Market

SKC Communications is excited to announce our latest partnership with Assertion, a cybersecurity company with deep expertise in the area of collaboration security. This partnership will leverage Assertion’s SBC Security, the world’s first and only first and only purpose-built Session Border Controller scanner, to enhance our capabilities to advise US-based enterprises on the security of their communication infrastructure.

Assertion’s SBC Scanner helps enterprises get a complete picture of their collaboration perimeter security through rigorous testing of SBCs against over 60 security policies around threat prevention, threat detection, and cloud posture. It analyzes millions of logs and examines all configurations to detect attacks, breaches, future risks, security loopholes, and formulates security measures to fix them.

About the Partnership

SKC Communications is a committed and influential leader in the area of enterprise communications with a 30-year track record of customer excellence and a reputation for partnering with market leaders. SKC’s industry-leading technical knowledge of the ecosystem combined with Assertion’s best-in-class security solutions will help customers to Collaborate Confidently™.

Speaking about the partnership, John Bantner, Senior Collaboration Solutions Architect, SKC Communications said, “We are seeing a rapid adoption of SBCs, primarily for remote workers. Up from 50% SBC penetration in our accounts, we are now looking at a 100% SBC adoption in the next 12-18 months. Every customer is worried about remote worker security and this is where Assertion’s SBC security comes in handy. It will allow our clients to adopt newer technologies and reap its benefits without being bogged down by cybersecurity challenges.”

“We are excited about this new partnership. SKC is our first partner in the US and we are super excited about entering the largest cyber security market, US, with SKC. With our world-class SBC Security SaaS service coupled with SKC’s awesome service delivery, we hope to deliver a compelling solution to the market.” added Srinivasan Narayanan, CEO, Assertion.

Impact of this Partnership

The collaboration security market is slated to be at around $3.84B in 2025 with the SBC market pegged at roughly $400Mn. SBCs are on top of the list of attacked devices and failing to secure them can be the most expensive mistake enterprises make. SBC hacks can lead to Toll frauds (estimated to be a loss of $12Bn yearly), Data leaks and Reputation loss.

As part of the new partnership, Assertion’s collaboration security solutions will bolster SKC Communications’ array of services such as unified communication, collaboration, videoconferencing, AV conferencing, voice solutions and managed services. Using Assertion’s SBC Security SasS, SKC will enhance its capabilities to advise customers on the security design and deployment of their communication infrastructure. 

About SBC Security

Enterprises have unlocked new models of working by extending their communication services into their employees’ homes. This marks a fundamental shift in the role SBCs in the enterprise communications space. SBC adoption is set to explode due to dual macro factors – events such as COVID that have forced us to work from home, and the adoption of SIP on the trunking leg. As per Harvard, 20-25% of the global workforce is expected to permanently work from home henceforth. The move to 5G across the world has telecom services providers forcing their Enterprise customers to move to SIP trunks (and give up PRI, saving them 20-25% in telecom bills).

However, this shift to SIP is not without its challenges. Managing growing and evolving systems in the face of every-increasing security attacks isn’t easy. In the last year alone, attacks on collaboration systems have increased by 600%. SBC’s increasing popularity will only increase the risks to collaboration systems. Enterprises stand to lose over billions in toll fraud, data breaches, data and reputation loss.  Since SBCs are perimeter devices, they are first, and always, in the line of attack.  SBCs are the most attacked devices on the internet today and SBC hacks can cause up to $100M of losses through downtime, toll fraud, data breaches, and regulatory compliance fines. 

Assertion’s SBC Security is the first and only purpose-built Session Border Controller scanner that helps enterprises get a complete picture of their collaboration perimeter. It analyzes 100s of millions of log lines, sees every message and detects every unsecured call (signaling or media), every packet from one of the 18M blacklisted IP addresses, every call from or to over 2M premium rate numbers, every failed emergency call (Kari’s law failures), and detect calls to embargoed countries (OFAC regulation failures). In addition, it scans the SBCs configuration to ensure it is up to the OEM recommended security standard and observes the SBCs cloud posture for any security weaknesses.

Collaborate Confidently with Assertion

Assertion’s ultimate goal is to secure every conversation through our advanced AI-enabled collaboration security solutions. In addition to SBC security, our portfolio of collaboration security products include, Meetings security – that uses advanced computer vision and AI to detect every data leak in your Zoom or Teams calls, CollabSecure – that provides wholistic infrastructure security to over 38 collaboration products from Avaya, Audiocodes, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and Verint.

The Assertion team has over 200 years of cumulative experience in the cybersecurity space and we are backed by trusted industry experts and veterans in the communications space.

If you’re looking to build and offer holistic and comprehensive collaboration solutions for your customers, partner with Assertion and secure your customers’ collaboration applications so that they can always Collaborate Confidently.

For more information, contact SKC Communications at or (800)-882-7779.