Avaya Fabric Connect

Many networks are vulnerable to outages and are difficult to operate and manage. Bypass these obstacles by implementing Avaya Fabric Connect.

Avaya Fabric Connect offers a future-proof foundation for today’s megatrends-network virtualization, cloud, mobility, and video-while simplifying the network and reducing cost of operation. Implementing this will help you achieve interoperability and create hybrid private/public clouds. This will result in faster service, improved agility, superior business continuity, and increased efficiency in your network.

Avaya Fabric Connect will allow you to do three things: improve network agility; eliminate complex protocol; and improve network uptime.  Implementing Avaya Fabric Connect will put money back in your pocket. It eliminates inconvenient manual tasks, which can reduce labor costs by up to 85%. High-priority change requests can be made easily at the network edge rather than during off hours, once again, saving you money. Deploy a secure, resilient private-cloud infrastructure with the flexibility to migrate to hybrid models overtime.

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