Beats By…Plantronics?!

Experience the superior audio performance you are accustomed to with Plantronics products when listening to your playlists and podcasts with the new Plantronics SENSE.  This wireless, over-the-head style headset that covers both ears allow for a comfortable experience that will outlast your playlist with up to 18 hours of non-stop music.

The Backbeat SENSE pauses audio as soon as you slip off the headphones and resumes playback when you put it back on.  Control two Bluetooth devices (smartphone and/or tablet) up to 330 feet away.  Worried about missing a call because you’re streaming a podcast? Don’t. When a call comes in, your podcast pauses for your conversation.  Experience your call with dual-microphone noise cancelling and Plantronics creates the right balance of rich bass, crisp highs, and natural midtones as you seamlessly transition back to your podcast.  Or, be sneaky and keep your headphones on and use the OpenMic feature to hear some of what’s going on around you.  Let SKC and Plantronics change the way you listen to music with the Backbeat SENSE!