Block Out the Noise with Poly

Block out the Noise with Poly

Working from home is LOUD! Working from the office is LOUD! 94% of people say they would get more done in a quieter environment. There is less privacy working from home, more distractions, and increased noise. Due to this IT departments are struggling to achieve high adoption of voice and video technology. Block out the noise with Poly products that are designed to handle this task.

NoiseBlock AI

With Poly’s NoiseBlock AI users don’t have to mute to block out the noise, the technology pulls it out automatically. This gives the IT departments a bit of a breather in trying to find the perfect products to make sure everyone is heard and heard clearly.

NoiseBlockAI technology was first introduced with Poly Studio x30 and Studio x50 but is now available in Poly Headsets and the Trio C60.

NoiseBlock AI

Acoustic Fence

Poly has over 25 years of perfecting speakerphone and conference phone acoustics. Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology is a set of software and hardware technologies that bring the audio experience as close as possible to actually being present.

Poly Acoustic Fence technology reduces background noises such as co-workers’ chattering, loud machinery, or even barking dogs. By using advanced echo cancellation techniques to “cancel out” all soundwaves except the actual speaker’s voice this reduction is possible.

Noise Block and Acoustic Fence with Poly X30

Poly Acoustic Fence uses the phone’s handset or an attached wired headset as the primary conversation source and uses the speakerphone microphone to detect and subtract the background noise.

This is done in multiple ways:

A variety of acoustic echo cancellation and full-duplex operation technologies increase interactivity for participants. Several forms of intelligent noise reduction reduce environmental interference. Gain control optimizes participant pickup to guarantee your voice is heard clearly. Combine this with Poly HD Voice that tops out 20 kilohertz (20kHz) and you have a speakerphone that has truly remarkable sound.

The end result reduces and allows remote callers to hear and focus on the meeting at hand.

Proximity Join

Now more than ever, the fewer times throughout the day that you can touch shared devices and high-traffic areas, the better. With the new Proximity Join feature, you can simply walk into any available meeting space and join a meeting from your personal device via the Microsoft Teams app. Thanks to Poly Proximity Join you don’t have to handle anything but your personal device.

Proximity Join

Evolution of Poly’s Noise Reduction Features.