Calisto 240

The Calisto™ 240 is a next-generation portable USB handset makes the evolution to PC communications simple. Make the evolution to PC communications simple with the newCalisto™ 240 USB handset. An LCD display and integrated speakerphone means making calls from your PC is easier than ever.

Now more than ever, the Calisto 240 makes the transition to PC calling so much easier. It has a familiar handset design and phone features as well has an easy-to use-dial pad and call answer/end, volume and mute controls enables seamless PC call management. It also includes an LCD screen for easy call ID viewing and menu navigation. The Wideband and noise-canceling microphone offers the best PC audio available. There is also a built-in, full duplex personal speakerphone offers a high quality audio experience and hands-free convenience. SoundGuard protects you against excessive noise while on a call.

The Calisto™ 240 is very portable for any user. With a slim design, it easily fits into a laptop bad. It is also powered by a USB so no batteries are required. Including a protective carrying pouch, you’ll never have to worry about your device getting damaged. The familiar handset design and phone features allow for seamless call controls on the Cisco DX Series.

Choose the settings to customize your headset with Plantronics Hub for mobile (iPhone and Android) and Plantronics Hub for desktop. Check remaining talk time and select your language preference, feature settings, call and mute notifications. Keep your device up-to-date with Plantronics Hub over-the-air firmware updates. This is an ideal product for PC telephony users who are in the office or on-the-road and prefer a familiar phone interface. Contact your local SKC Account Executive or the SKC Headset Sales Department at 800-882-7779, option 1, for more information.