Case Study


Andrews McMeel was nearing completion of renovations to its future home, the historic Boley Building in downtown Kansas City, when it realized the need for an experienced A/V partner to provide equipment and support for its state-of-the-art executive boardroom. The challenge for prospective A/V providers was creating a way to make the technology work with the unique design specifications from Andrews McMeel and its architect. The boardroom is open: windows on all sides, separated on each side by large seating partitions. The room also features large, curved white wall spaces on either side of the conference table which serve as projection screens. Additionally, a ceiling skylight brings in even more natural light, increasing the difficulty to see projected images on the screens.


SKC project management consulted with Kevin Greenlee, Vice President of Technology for Andrews McMeel, while programming the room controls, resulting in a Crestron touch panel with user friendly, color-coded images. Additionally, the curvature of the wall partitions gave the projection screen area a curved surface as well, meaning SKC had to adjust the throw of the projectors to improve image quality. Knowing that Andrews McMeel understood the importance of quality audio systems, SKC chose to work with manufacturer partner Biamp for its exceptional audio systems. Biamp products cut out feedback and background noises, allowing discussions to be heard clearly on both sides of the conference call.


The new executive boardroom is a clean and organized space as there are no cords in sight and nearly all of the technology is hidden. The room’s microphones are built into the custom table and speakers are embedded in the walls. Only the projectors and wireless control panel are in view. The Creston TPMC-8X wireless control panel is housed on the wall, but can be removed and used from anywhere in the room, offering easier transitions between technologies during presentations and meetings.

The project went so well that Andrews McMeel is looking into adding to its arsenal of boardroom technology to eventually include videoconferencing. “We love the technology in the boardroom and how simple it is to use. Going in, we knew what we wanted, and SKC executed those wishes perfectly,” Kevin Greenlee, Vice President of Technology said. “Their staff was friendly and easy to work with and we’re looking forward to working with them again.”

About The Client

Andrews McMeel Universal and its divisions, Universal Uclick and Andrews McMeel Publishing have helped define American pop culture by giving a voice to storytellers of our age. The company has been publishing and merchandising books, calendars and gifts for over a quarter of a century.

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Products Used:  
  • Crestron TPMC-8X Control System
  • Biamp Audia Flex Processor
  • Biamp VoIP Telephone Hybrid Interface
  • Shure Microphones
  • Tannoy Speakers
  • Panasonic Projectors