Case Study


Barkley needed a communications partner who understood its needs and could make the right product recommendations to tie in with their goal of creating a high-tech, high-touch work environment. Barkley’s Vice President of Information Technology, Steve Covell, was charged with the task of finding a vendor to handle A/V, as well as Voice and Data needs. He started down the path of finding two separate providers – one to handle the A/V, the other to handle the phone system and data infrastructure. Then he discovered SKC, the company capable of handling both solutions. SKC presented Steve a full-service communication solution. Choosing SKC meant Steve was able to work with one vendor that understood Barkley’s needs from start to finish. In Steve’s words, “less vendors to juggle means less finger pointing … I was very pleased to be able to call one vendor to work out issues with multiple manufacturers. It saved a huge amount of time and heartache for my engineers.”


SKC met with Barkley’s project team for an initial Q & A session regarding how to design each conference room, as well as the other elements of the install.  The main technology objective for each conference room was to show videos and streamed media – all in an effort to stimulate the creative process. Additionally, the walls were lined with tack boards for posting client information. White boards were installed with copy cams to capture ideas from the white board to the computer. Decision makers wanted lots of conference rooms available to their staff for meetings – in fact, they have a total of 23 conference rooms with 180 seats. There are 38 collaborative zones with 212 seats.

SKC’s team was very involved in the A/V design in each of these 23 conference rooms as well as the theater, lobby, break rooms and training rooms. SKC’s experience in working on design-build projects with construction companies and architects proved a huge asset to Barkley. Being involved from start to finish enabled SKC to protect Barkley against additional charges from the contractor. Assigning one project lead to manage the implementation was critical to the success as well, keeping communications between all the involved parties streamlined and efficient.

On the Voice and Data side of the project, the Avaya/ Extreme solution gave Barkley Gigabit throughput to the desktop and 10 Gig through the backbone – which is leading-edge technology co-developed by Extreme and Avaya. This solution gave Barkley the latest, fastest technology for high-speed communications.

In addition, the voice side of the project incorporated modular messaging, which is inclusive of speech access and a unified messaging solution integrating voice, fax and email communications to the desktop. A SIP server was installed to provide instant messaging across the infrastructure.


The implementation went incredibly smoothly, SKC met every deadline and a strong relationship was formed. Commenting on the network core and VoIP install, Steve said, “They (SKC employees) all went the extra mile for a very critical piece of our infrastructure … and were on-site for installation, setup, trouble shooting and training, all hours of the day and night, and they never complained once or said no to any request.” SKC designed a consistent, easy to operate, A/V solution in each of the conference rooms, theater room and training room(s) – to meet creative objectives. Barkley was thrilled with the end result. Steve stated that it was “designed, installed and implemented without a hitch. It’s all easy to operate and the partners here have been very impressed with that factor, as well as how great it looks.”

About the Client

An advertising firm with an adventurous spirit, Barkley is the largest employee-owned advertising agency in the U.S. Their national clients include Sonic, Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Build-a-Bear Workshop, just to name a few.

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Products Used:
  • VBrick streaming
  • LG Plasmas
  • Mitsubishi video projectors
  • Da-lite screens
  • Creston touch panels
  • Soundtube speakers
  • Polyvision copy cams
  • Biamp audio conferencing
  • Avaya VoIP Telephony Solution
  • Extreme Networks data solution