Case Study


With one of the largest Plexar networks remaining in the State of Missouri, the City of Independence found themselves paying substantial reoccurring costs to maintain this legacy network. Their phone system was based in a central location with separate lines directed to their many locations throughout the city. Although this allowed city employees the ease of four-digit direct dialing, the city found themselves paying for usage fees on top of the costs for the separate lines. Looking for a new, simpler and cost-saving solution, the City of Independence selected SKC to provide an Avaya IP-enabled voice system upgrade.


SKC was able to remove the legacy hardware and migrate the system to a new Avaya S8500 Media Server and Avaya G650 Gateways. Avaya’s Media Servers and Gateways provide highly flexible, scalable and standards-based building blocks that can be mixed and matched to create customized solutions. With SKC’s solution, the City Hall PBX was IP-enabled and remained the central location for the City’s IP Telephony infrastructure. The upgrade also includes new G650 cabinets and IP connectivity, which will gradually be introduced to all of Independence’s remote sites as they make the switch to a complete IP Telephony system. Additionally, SKC upgraded the city’s software to Avaya’s Communication Manager 5.0, which allows for easy PC integration into the IP Telephony system.


By migrating to IP-enabled servers and gateways, the City of Independence will have centrally-located voicemail, centralized system administration and IP connectivity to remote sites. This also allows Independence to maintain a single, streamlined network while cutting costs by reducing Plexar lines from the local phone company. Once all of the city’s remote sites have migrated to IP-connected gateways, the city will substantially reduce the cost of using Plexar lines to these sites.

“The cut over went flawlessly and it’s been extremely successful, said Jere Neer, Technology Services Director. “We couldn’t be happier knowing that we have a reliable partner to guide us through the remainder of this project.”

About the Client

Founded in 1827, Independence, Missouri is a city rich with history. The city immediately made its mark as an important frontier town as the point of departure for the Sante Fe, California and Oregon Trails. Located on the eastern edge of Kansas City, the City of Independence is the fourth-largest city in Missouri with more than 110,000 residents and is the birthplace of President Harry S. Truman.


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  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • Software Release 5.0
  • S8510 Media Server
  • G650 Media Gateway
  • Intuity Audix LX Messaging