Case Study


As a small, rural school district, Howe Public Schools realized the need to offer a wide variety of classes to its students and in 1999; it first adopted videoconferencing through a distance learning grant. After seeing immediate success in the video deployment, district officials quickly realized the potential in distance learning and began offering their own classes to other districts across the state. The district’s class offering grew to include foreign language, Choctaw Nation culture, and AP courses, in addition to utilizing distance learning for professional development and virtual field trips.


With a commitment to making the most of their resources, district officials asked SKC how the district could utilize grants and initiatives to incorporate its existing technology with new products to improve its students’ education experience. SKC recommended Cisco’s TelePresence Content Server, which records classes, meetings, presentations or events for live streaming broadcast and on-demand access.

Additionally, SKC has collaborated with Howe Public Schools on a number of projects to add to the district’s video network, including a TelePresence Codec C90 to improve multi-site TelePresence capabilities. SKC has also provided Cisco TelePresence EX60 and TelePresence EX90 systems, allowing for video calls at the press of a button on a simple touch screen control.


Howe Public Schools continue to use technology to eliminate the barrier of the four classroom walls. “We’re no longer bound by the old ways of doing things,” said Scott Parks, Superintendent of Howe Public Schools. In addition to teacher-produced class lessons, the district is encouraging students to create content for both broadcast and collaboration with schools across the globe.

“These kinds of experiences help our students with presentation skills and it improves their learning and engagement capabilities. When they’re not afraid of the technology, they embrace video,” Parks said.

About the Client

Located in eastern Oklahoma, Howe Public Schools is a small rural district in the town of Howe, population 700. Despite being a small district, Howe Public Schools has been recognized numerous times for its distance learning program

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Products Used:
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU-4215
  • Cisco TelePresence System Codec 3000 MXP
  • Cisco TelePresence System Codec 6000 MXP
  • Cisco TelePresence System Profile 1700 MXP
  • Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) Expressway
  • Cisco TelePresence System Edge 85
  • Cisco TelePresence SetTop 880 MXP
  • Cisco TelePresence SetTop 990 MXP
  • Cisco TelePresence MPS 800