Case Study


KidsTLC reached out to SKC Communications to help them set up remote learning classrooms for their kids on their campus. With teachers not being able to come to the campus, KidsTLC needed a way to connect their students and teachers to enable remote learning.


The classrooms needed to be fully equipped to handle distance learning; this included monitors, webcams, speakers, and a video solution. These technologies ensure that classes could continue as normally as possible. SKC donated these technologies to KidsTLC and sent a team to help set up and install everything to get the classrooms up and running.


SKC set up eight Distance Learning Carts for KidsTLC to utilize. These carts can be moved around their campus to be deployed wherever they are needed. The SKC team had the carts set up and ready to go in one afternoon. Once the carts were set up, KidsTLC was able to deploy the carts to their classrooms and ensure that their kids could continue in their schooling.

Distance Learning Cart

Mobile cart, large display, USB webcam, laptop, Zoom, Jabra 510 Speaker

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