Case Study


KidsTLC is a nonprofit organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of families in our community who are facing challenges from autism, mental health or wellness issues. KidsTLC has been in the Kansas City metro area since 1972, as they looked toward future growth and expansion, they knew they wanted to expand the types of services they could offer. First, they wanted to be able to access patients in small towns who were not able to come to the TLC campus and had no way to do so. Second, they had no internal videoconferencing capabilities and third, they did not have a good means of marketing to display their events to the community.


SKC and a very dedicated group of KidsTLC employees collaborated and came up with solutions to each of KidsTLC’s communication issues. SKC was able to implement a videoconferencing system for KidsTLC that not only made it possible for patients in small towns to be viewed, diagnosed and given proper medical attention by the available psychiatrists, but the solution also gave KidsTLC an internal videoconferencing system that made their internal communication much more effective. Digital signage was also installed on campus to help KidsTLC effectively communicate with their employees, volunteers, patients and community.


Once the installation was complete, the positive effects of KidsTLC’s new communications tools were immediately apparent. Videoconferencing gave the employees at KidsTLC the ability to observe and advise, to provide classes and became instrumental in furthering the services offered for those with autism.
“SKC was able to provide all of the necessary equipment to meet our needs and complete the work very efficiently in the short amount of time they were given. We now have great equipment for training our staff and are able to bring groups in from the community to our Learning Institute as well.” Krystal Wright, Vice President of Campus Management, KidsTLC

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  • KidsTLC works to make a difference in our community
  • By collaborating with SKC, they have been able to assist twice as many people as they could before
  • Check out the KidsTLC photo gallery to see the improvements!