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SKC did a design and build for this project, taking approximately a year to complete. Sabre was looking to create an Executive Suite space not only for the executive team, but for high touch customer meetings also. The technology within the space needed to provide a “wow factor” and many aspects of the project required out of the box, innovative thinking and customization.


Besides the technology, the customer also required a full-time resource to assist the end users within the space as the technology expert. This role was pivotal to fulfill with the right person as he would interact daily with not just the end users, but C-Levels and high touch customers of the client. The solution was to create three video and AV integrated conference rooms, a 2×4 touch enabled video media wall, and a “showcase” executive board room that included video, AV and an interactive collaboration wall.


The executive board room has a 190 inch interactive Prysm collaboration wall with video conferencing. It is integrated with custom programming to create an intuitive, yet complex control system interface which included customization of concierge services, room controls, and help staff notifications. SKC also designed the drawers in the board room table. There are 12 custom pull out drawers with 22 total inputs and appox. 1.5 miles of cabling running back to the rack room. SKC also worked with the customer to create a custom interactive media experience on the 2×4 media wall. SKC was part of the storyboard and design process for the interactive experience, which includes various layers of interactivity and custom shot video.

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  • Sabre wanted an Executive Suite for meetings and to double as space to meet with high profile clients.
  • SKC Communications designed and built technology that was innovative, functional, and had a "wow" factor to impress future clients.
  • Check out the gallery below to see the finished Executive Suite at Sabre.