Case Study

SKC Communications worked with Sprint to open up the office space and provide all the elements needed for effective business collaboration. ¬†Below are the highlights of SKC’s involvement with Sprint.

  • Sprint worked with SKC Communications to transform the work environment from tall cube offices to an open, collaborative area with multiple huddle spaces.
  • There are approximately 30 huddle spaces.
  • The new huddle spaces give Sprint the opportunity to test out the new Skype for Business technologies that were recently released.

Technologies Used:

Crestron, Polycom, Newline, Logitech, SMART, Samsung, Shure and Biamp.

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  • Sprint's goal was to transform an office space that was previously cubicles into an open, ¬†collaborative space.
  • SKC designed and built technology specifically for the use of huddle spaces and meeting rooms.
  • Check out the gallery below to see the finished Sprint huddle spaces.