Case Study


When Sullivan University realized it was time to update its 150-person auditorium-style classroom, officials requested bids from a number of communication technology integrators.  Although SKC didn’t respond with the lowest bid, Sullivan officials chose SKC based on previous positive experiences and expertise.


With the room’s equipment becoming old and outdated, Sullivan University’s technical staff knew what they wanted in the end result: high quality video and sound to conduct classes and meetings with the school’s other campuses throughout Kentucky.

Considering Sullivan University’s goals for the auditorium, SKC proposed the Polycom HDX 8000 system. The HDX series telepresence systems deliver high definition voice, video and content for exceptional performance while remaining flexible and cost-effective.

HDX ceiling microphones above the student seating area emphasis front-of-the-room pickup while the instructor station has a microphone pod and a lapel microphone. SKC designed the audio system to distribute audio to different zones. The student zone receives audio from the instructor’s microphone and microphones from the remote sites in addition to any multimedia presentations. The instructor zone receives audio from only the student zone and the remote campuses to improve hearing capabilities.

All of the equipment is centrally controlled through a Crestron PRO2 Control System. A Crestron TPS-4000 10.4-inch control panel improves the user experience by providing one-touch control and eliminating the need for multiple remote controls which can easily become lost.

“The menu is set up on the touch pad in a really intuitive way,” said Dr. Jay Marr, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “I pulled up a call the first time I’d used the touch panel without a problem.”


The new equipment gives distance learning sessions a crisp and clean look, avoiding distractions such as pixilation of the video. Both the remote classrooms and the instructor are able to hear and see each other more naturally.

The project was completed over a summer break and was ready to go before the start of the fall semester. By allowing SKC to design and install the system, Sullivan University knew the costs ahead of time without the surprise of unexpected costs in the middle of the project.

“SKC was very professional throughout every aspect of the project,” said Mike Grosse, Chief Technical Officer at Sullivan University. “The support they have provided both during and after the installation has been outstanding.”

About the Client

As Kentucky’s largest private university, Sullivan University is dedicated to providing educational enrichment for the intellectual, social and professional development of its students. Its career-focused curriculum seeks to promote a student-centered learning environment that facilitates students’ life goals and a means to achieve those goals.

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Products Used:
  • Polycom 8000
  • Polycom Eagle Eye HD cameras
  • Polycom HDX Ceiling Microphones
  • Crestron PRO 2 Control System
  • Crestron TPS-4000 Control Panel
  • JBL Ceiling Speakers