Case Study


With 69 offices located throughout North America, optimizing communication between locations is imperative to success.  In a new corporate initiative to enhance communication across the company, United Stationers officials called on SKC to deploy user-friendly equipment and help spread awareness and adoption throughout the company.


Knowing that United Stationers wanted a simple user interface to encourage employee adoption, SKC installed Polycom HDX 8000 units in all 69 distribution centers and at the corporate headquarters. With the HDX 8000’s intuitive interface and clear audio and video, users interact freely and naturally without interruptions to fix or adjust the technology. Each HDX 8000 system is connected to an LG LCD screen and sits on an AVTEQ cart for mobility throughout each individual building.

SKC’s solution also included the Polycom Converged Management Application (CMA 5000), which allows users or administrators to manage, schedule and prepare the HDX 8000 systems ahead of time, which avoids meeting delays. A Polycom RMX 2000 bridge located at the corporate headquarters gives the ability to support a high volume of concurrent video calls.

As the installation entered its final stages, SKC’s marketing team partnered with United Stationers to drive internal excitement around the launch of the new video platform and increase user adoption. SKC developed customized communication content to announce the launch and also hosted several company-wide training sessions for United Stationers employees.


With more than 500 key users trained to use the new Polycom equipment, United Stationers sees the deployment as a huge success. Employees are meeting face-to-face with coworkers, providing an improved sense of community throughout the company. They’re also spared the hassle of dealing with complex technology, the main frustration within United Stationers before it partnered with SKC.

“We’ve seen a complete one-eighty in the use of videoconferencing in our offices and we can thank SKC for the successful deployment and adoption, said Michael Cummings, Network Engineer. “We’re really excited about how everything has gone and we’re looking forward to our future projects with SKC.”

About the Client

United Stationers Supply Company is a leading wholesale distributor of business products, stocking approximately 100,000 items from more than 1,000 manufacturers. Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, the company’s 69 distribution centers across North America provide service and support of the delivery of technology, office, janitorial and industrial products.

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Products Used:
  • Polyom HDX 8000
  • Polycom RMX 2000
  • Polycom CMA 5000
  • AVTEQ cart
  • LG LCD monitors