Christie Pandoras Box

Christie Pandoras Box is the award-winning real-time video processing and show control system that gives users complete control over the entire workflow – from project conception to final realization.

Pandoras Box helps maximize efficiency and enables you to combine a virtually unlimited amount of creative possibilities with great usability and reliability. It’s a powerful set of tools that enable the creation of amazing visual experiences.

One idea. One system. One successful production.

Product Highlights:

  • Multi-User Control
    • Benefit from the combined efficiency of multiple operators. Split workloads into different tasks like warping, content-encoding and timeline programming or simply work simultaneously on the same sequence.
  • Blind Programming/ Blind Preview
    • Using the Multi-User feature, blind programming enables users to edit timelines without affecting the current video outputs. Changes to sequences can, therefore, be made with a full local preview without the risk of interfering with the live show
  • True 3D Environment
    • Christie Pandoras Box offers a true 3D compositing space in which both objects and plane elements can be aligned for projection mapping or real-time 3D stereo playback scenarios at high frame rates.
  • FX Engine & 3D Particle System
    • The Aeon effects engine enables users to create and combine an almost unlimited number of dynamic effects. FireFly allows for the creation of elaborate real-time particle effects in a true interactive 3D compositing space. Various emitters can be set up and applied with forces such as Wind & Gravity, synchronized across any number of outputs on multiple client systems.
  • Interactive Content & Control
    • The preview window is the centralized control area for compositing, warping and any kind of content interaction. Additionally, the connected output devices, such as touch screens, can directly interact and trigger actions within the content.
  • Instant Warping/ UV Mapping
    • The warping process and its features are directly integrated into the Pandoras Box render engine. Within the preview, the user has direct access to manipulate FFDs and vertices in a 3D space to match the projected image with the physical screen setup. Furthermore, UV maps can be edited on-the-fly to arrange content accordingly. Even perspective UV mappings can be realized by using the preview and its interaction modes.
  • Console Mode & Advanced Patching
    • With the dynamic layer structures, users can easily add parameters and effects to any layer. In order to facilitate the control, users can start Pandoras Box in a dedicated console mode or simply create and extend the DMX library from within the interface. This means that any parameter can be individually patched.
  • ASIO Multi-Channel Audio
    • The Pandoras Box Manager Software supports ASIO audio interfaces and offers synchronized multi-channel audio playback. Both audio inputs and outputs can be delayed and freely routed to distinct or common channels.
  • Dynamic Web Browser
    • Any Pandoras Box layer can display HTML-based web content with full Javascript support. Interactive content is easily used thanks to the layer mouse and touch input. The included Webserver allows direct Java script access to all SDK commands and functions.
  • FluidFrame Technology
    • FluidFrame is a groundbreaking signal processing algorithm that offers a smooth cross-conversion that can take any input and output framerate, supporting both interlaced and progressive sources and clips.