Connecting K-12 with E-Rate and Aruba

The days of old textbooks and paper cluttered folders are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With most schools switching to a tablet environment, the need for wireless mobility within K-12 schools is at an all-time high. All students learn in different ways and digital learning has proven to help students stay on task and organized, giving teachers the ability to easily measure progress. Many K-12 schools are already using one-to-one computing initiatives, in which students are provided with laptops. Schools looking for a more budget-friendly option are taking the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) route. Currently, 71% of K-12 students are using mobile devices regularly and 33% of students in grades 4-12 already own a tablet.

With more schools switching to laptops, iPads, or e-Textbooks to enhance student learning, wireless mobility is completely necessary. Without wireless mobility, the applications provided by those devices that assist in the classroom will become severely limited, causing the devices not to reach their full potential. This is where E-rate and Aruba can step in. E-Rate is a federal program that provides discounts to assist schools in obtaining affordable telecommunications and Internet access. Aruba is eligible for E-rate funding and provides the following tools:

• Multimedia-grade Wi-Fi
• Wired-like reliability over the air
• “No Touch” overlay installation
• Centralized multi-vendor management

If you have questions about how you can benefit from Aruba solutions through the E-Rate program, please contact us!

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