Plantronics: Desktop Video + Headsets= Perfect Match!

As desktop video becomes more and more relevant, so does the audio experience for everyone on that video call.  Let’s be honest, you can have a call without quality video, but it is very difficult to have a call without quality audio.

Have you ever been on a video call and the noise from the laptop speakers is being picked up by the laptop microphone (creating an echo)?  Or, a participant on a video call keeps forgetting to mute their microphone and all of the background noise is being picked up since laptop microphones aren’t noise-cancelling?  Headsets fix this issue! SKC and Plantronics share the same vision around the importance of audio quality during video calls and are able to offer an entire UC Headset Portfolio.  Always at your desk during video calls?  Perfect. The corded Plantronics Blackwire series has you covered.  Still use your desk phone or cell phone for audio calls while swapping to your PC for video calls? Perfect. The wireless Plantronics Savi series gives you functionality to toggle between all three. A “Road Warrior” requiring the need to toggle between audio calls on your cell phone and video calls on your laptop in hotel rooms, coffee shops, or in your car?  Perfect. The wireless Plantronics Voyager UC series has you covered.  Set the trend in desktop video by always coming prepared with a Plantronics UC Headset to enhance the audio experience for all participants involved.desktop video