Discover SKC Twist-Hybrid Environments

SKC Twist gives our customers the unique opportunity to deploy Twist as a video conferencing solution in a hybrid environment. An SKC Twist hybrid deployment spans the gap between on- premise and cloud while providing the best-of-both-worlds functionality to the end-user. Run the Twist software in both the cloud and one or more local data centers (distributed), with the various instances working seamlessly together.

SKC Twist provides a unique, distributed audio and video trans-coding platform that can span and efficiently load balance across a hybrid compute model, utilizing both your own data center resources, as well the cloud.
For our customers that prefer hardware on- premise but want a similar Twist-Hybrid experience as previously discussed, SKC Twist “Cloud in a Box,” provides our customers the ability to deploy hardware on- premise and allows for bursting to the SKC Twist Cloud when capacity is met on the hardware bridge.

– Unlimited Capacity
– Superior Resilience
– Exceptional Flexibility
– Enhanced User Experience
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Scott Sportsman, Product Manager