Employee Purchase Portals

Did you know that SKC can set up an employee purchase portal for you?

Your company may have certain headsets that IT or Telecom has approved to deploy, but are there certain budget constraints that are putting a limit on what other devices you provide employees? With budget limits in place, this can sometimes eliminate wireless headsets as an option that your company will provide.

This is the perfect scenario for an employee purchase portal! SKC will still offer the same great discount to your employees that we are giving to you as a company. Your employees can go out and make the purchase on their own. Let us set up a website that can connect directly to your intranet site. Your employees can purchase directly from SKC, whom you have entrusted to meet your business needs. Rest assured that they are making product choices that are compatible with your applications, and your employees will receive the same great customer service and pricing that you have come to expect from SKC.

Giving employees options on which headset they use means greater employee satisfaction and user adoption of the technology your company has invested in. It’s a win for your company and a win for your employees!

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Brandy McDonald, Customer Service Manager

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