EncorePro 300 Series

Encore Pro 300 Series connected to computer

Give your contact center teams all they need, with Poly EncorePro 300 Series headsets. Get high-quality audio, all-day comfort and proven durability.

EncorePro 320 USB-C

You can have it all in a contact center headset—for your workers, customers, and budget. The Poly EncorePro 300 Series gives your call teams headsets created for all-day comfort, reliability, acoustic protection, and voice optimization. So, they can perform at their best throughout their shifts. Better yet, your customers get more clarity, thanks to noise canceling. Your accounting and IT departments are happy knowing that these headsets come from a renowned company. Get more reliability, a better customer experience, a healthy bottom line, and exceptional value.

  • Flexible noise-canceling microphone boom
  • Unique dynamic mute alert (USB only)
  • Acoustic protection with G616 and TWA (USB only)
  • Soft, replaceable ear cushions and lightweight design
  • Inline call control for easy volume adjustment and muting (USB only)
EncorePro 310 USB-A

Comfort. Reliability. Value.

Here’s how we found the perfect sweet spot between high quality and affordability. We took our over 40 years of designing enterprise-grade contact center headsets. We analyzed every component to see how we could create even more value. Then we created the Poly EncorePro 300 Series.

More clarity where it counts.

Start with high-quality audio and excellent noise canceling. Add in voice-optimized frequency response for more accurate conversations. What does that give you? More satisfied customers enjoying a superior experience on the other end of every call.

Poly EncorePro 300 Series in Call Center

Check out the Poly EncorePro 300 Series Data Sheet here.