SKC Webinar: Discover SKC Twist: Colorado State-Pueblo

Join us on Wednesday, June 3rd to learn about SKC Twist and the robust support services behind the scenes.

Jim Glenn, Coordinator of Multimedia Classrooms at Colorado State University-Pueblo, will be discussing how SKC Twist has changed the way their professors teach and their students learn. Below are a few items Jim will be discussing during the webinar:

  • Initial use case
  • Problems SKC Twist solved, both technically and fundamentally
  • How SKC Twist changed the way students and faculty do things at CSU-Pueblo
  • Additional use cases SKC Twist generated
  • Long-term goals

SKC Twist is a scalable and secure cloud-based video conferencing solution that provides virtual meeting rooms for an unlimited number of users. Integrating with existing SIP and H.323 systems as well as WebRTC.