Five Ways Plantronics Manager Pro Helps IT Manage Headsets Company-Wide

As an IT manager, you’re responsible for hundreds or maybe even thousands of headsets throughout your company. It can be a big task to monitor, manage, and maintain them–until now. Plantronics Manager Pro provides a cloud-based, near-real time view of every Plantronics headset being used throughout the organization. Here are five ways it’ll help make headset management effortless.

  1. Web-based Management. “Now I can see it all.” Then: No clear visibility of complete headset inventory. Now: View and track all headset assets company-wide using your web browser.

    June Blog Post2
  2. Proactive Management. “Now I can run everything from here—without actually running.” Then: Every update must be done in person. Now: Schedule and push out firmware updates to specific groups and individuals from your web browser- no manual updates. June Blog Post 3
  3. Regulatory Compliance. “Now I know we’re always in compliance.” Then: No direct ability to ensure compliance with company policies. Now: Perform near-real time monitoring of devices, with the ability to disable and lock Bluetooth settings.June Blog Post 4
  4. Training and Configuration Assistance. “Now I can help more users, more rapidly.” Then: No easy way to ensure quick user adoption of new equipment.. Now: Run reports to see who is using the new headsets, enabling you to contact specific individuals who require assistance with training or configuration.June Blog Post 5
  5. Time and Resource Management. “Now I can concentrate on other Help Desk requests.” Then: Help Desk staff is backlogged by multiple individual requests to which they must respond in sequence and in person. Now: Save time and resources by troubleshooting and handling many requests remotely, in near real-time.June Blog post 6

Check out the full infographic here.