FYI: Call Centers

If the call center you work at is like most call centers, (don’t think I’m picking on you, there are a lot of you!)  You may not know that with the latest Avaya Communications Manager upgrades, there are  new and old features that are now entitlements. Most of the time, the main system is upgraded and there are no changes made to the call center. You may be sitting there with the same vectors that were written for you when you first implemented the call center. Your business has changed but your call center routing has not…

• Did you know that Avaya Business Advocate is now an entitlement when your system is at release 6?

• Do you know that Business Advocate allows you to facilitate agent effectiveness by improving resource matching?

• Do you know, you can avoid penalty costs by dependably routing calls to outsourcers on a percentage basis per contractual agreements and optimize call handling in a multiple location enterprise? And you improve efficiency be helping to maximize agent utilization.

• Do you know that selected agents can be made available during peak condition even though they are staffed as unavailable? Business Advocate uses predicted wait times to dynamically determine when the callers might approach targeted services levels.

• Do you know that you can let Avaya Business Advocate patented algorithms create a perfectly balanced call center for you without requiring supervisor’s constant involvement while preserving agent fairness?

Maybe it’s time for a call center tune up! Contact SKC today, and we will help you get started.

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Lee, SKC Collaboration Engineer


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