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In recent years,  it has become increasingly evident that using a mobile device while operating an automobile is extremely dangerous. States have begun passing laws to combat this trend, but it has been a slow process. Only 12 states and Washington D.C. have passed laws prohibiting the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, but more states are attempting to follow suit. Whether it is officially illegal in your state at this time to use a hand-held cell phone, it’s hard to argue that it’s safe to do so.

The most recent year with data on cell phone related wrecks is 2011. In that year, 3,331 people were killed in automobile accidents involving a distracted driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. Of these fatal accidents, 12 percent were reported to involve drivers that were distracted by mobile devices. Most experts agree, that these statistics are vastly underreported, meaning that thousand more lives a year are almost certainly being claimed by this issue. According to the NHTSA, using a cell phone while driving multiplies the risk of an accident by a factor of four, effectively making the practice as dangerous as driving with a blood-alcohol concentration 0.08(the legal limit under drunk-driving laws). Texting while driving amplifies that risk as much as 23 times.

At this point, I’m sure many would say, “those are excellent statistics, and quite scary, but I can’t put my busy life on hold for something as trivial as commuting to my next destination.” These days, we are extremely dependent upon mobile devices. Many of us carry them on us anytime we leave the house, and when it rings, we feel compelled to answer it, regardless of where we are or what we may be doing at that time. Plantronics has come up with several hands-free products to help you stay connected to your device, no matter where you are, or what you are doing. I will now outline three of their featured products, but please keep in mind that you can find a full list of available mobile/Bluetooth headsets on our site at


The Voyager Legend is known as the first truly intelligent Bluetooth headset. This headset combines triple-mics that cancel noise and wind, voice commands, and smart sensor technology so it can understand how and when you want to talk. It uses Smart Sensor technology to react when you put the headset on, letting you quickly take a call without a click. If you’re already wearing it, the Voyager Legend will announce who is calling and wait for you to say “Answer” or “Ignore”, so you have a truly hands-free experience. You can simply tap the voice command button and ask to check battery level, connection status, and more.

The Legend has multipoint technology that allows you to connect to two phones simultaneously, and answer calls from either one. Its battery will last 7 hours of talk-time, or 11 days of standby time. It also has an optional charging case that allows for safe handling when on the go, and also can provide 2 full charges to the headset, allowing for 21 hours of talk-time, without being plugged into an AC outlet.

The Legend’s Triple-Mic, active digital signal processing ensures that you have top of the line audio quality. This headset also features stainless steel windscreens to reduce wind noise, so whether you are sitting in your living room, or driving down the highway, whoever you are speaking to can hear you clearly throughout the entire conversation. After taking all of these features into consideration, it’s easy to see why this headset is referred to as “intelligent.”

Marque 2 M165

You could say that the Marque 2 headset is your smartphone’s new best friend. This headset uses dual microphones and digital signal processing to reduce noise and wind, giving you a much better call quality.

The Marque 2 also allows for a truly comfortable hands-free experience. It uses voice-commands when answering calls so you do not have to touch your headset or phone. This headset, which weighs a minimal 7 grams, also uses a new adaptable design of silicone ear tip, which can fit either ear, and allows for comfortable wearing for long periods. With the new DeepSleep technology, if the headset is out of range of its connected device for 90 minutes, it goes into a sleep mode, which can provide up to 180 days of battery readiness. This excellent headset provides comfortable, long-lasting connectivity to your devices, wherever you may go.

Discovery 975 SE

The Discovery 975 headset uses a simplistic design to allow you to make hands-free phone calls with the utmost comfort, convenience, and ease. This headset uses AudioIQ2 and WindSmart technologies to communicate without background noise, and to preserve your voice’s natural sound.

The Discovery has an innovative carrying case that lets you recharge the earpiece while on the go to triple your talk time. This case allows you to charge your headset and phone at the same time, so both devices are always ready. It also has patented gel ear tips to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. These comfortable ear tips allow you to wear the 8 gram headset for long periods.

This headset also includes Multipoint technology, so you can be connected to two mobile devices simultaneously, and voice alerts for a truly hands-free experience. It has voice alerts for battery level, mute and connection status. It also allows for one-touch redial, and voice activated dialing.

It’s easy to see, that Plantronics is actively trying to reduce the harmful effects of using mobile devices while driving. While any of these hands-free devices can help to decrease the dangers of using a mobile device while driving, none can prevent them. Any distraction while operating a motor vehicle, is dangerous, and potentially life threatening.

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