HP Education Devices to Power Your Students Learning

Reinvent how and where the next generation learns. With the highly mobile and durable HP Education Editions, you can inspire creativity and critical thinking anywhere your students happen to be. Powerful and capable, Windows 10 Pro-powered HP Education Edition is optimized to get the most out of Microsoft OneNote.

21st Century Solutions

Teach in the here and now with HP School Pack 2.0. Use this array of digital tools and content designed for collaborative, creative, and personalized learning. All of which are ready to use right out of the box.

360-Degree Flexibility for 360-Degree Learning

The durable design of the HP Pro x360 310 Education Edition switches effortlessly between notebook and tablet modes. Plus an easy-access keyboard so students can stay productive any which way.

Power Learning Anywhere

With Windows 10 Pro, an Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® processor, and solid-state 256GB storage, this is a machine that’s built to work and last.

Keep Students Connected

Students certainly don’t stay put, so give them powerful connectivity options with Windows 10 Pro to help keep them connected and productive.

Now for a limited time, HP is offering an opportunity to buy & try the HP Elite Slice G2 with Microsoft Teams Room. And the HP Elite Slice G2 – Audio Ready with Microsoft Teams Room products, designed for meeting rooms. Learn more about the HP Buy & Try program by clicking here.

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