Case Study


KidsTLC reached out to SKC Communications to help them set up remote learning classrooms for their kids on their campus. With teachers not being able to come to the campus, KidsTLC needed a way to connect their students and teachers to enable remote learning.

The University of Kansas – School of Business

Situation: The University of Kansas wanted to create a lasting impact within the university and business community that would provide an innovative learning environment for students. The next generation of the business community is constantly in collaboration and KU needed that implemented throughout their technology. Solution: SKC Communications provided all of the hardware, installation and programming for the new University of Kansas School […]

OUHSC Polycom Infrastructure Upgrade

Situation: In 2014 we began to work with University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) to upgrade their existing Polycom video infrastructure. We wanted to migrate them from their end-of-life equipment to the new Polycom® RealPresence® Platform. We worked in conjunction with the Polycom Project Management team to coordinate the very detailed network requirements and network architecture, so this new […]

The University of Kansas – School of Engineering

Situation:  The KU School of Engineering is a bridge to the future, pioneering new technologies and developing solutions to the problems facing the world. A new building was needed to enhance the student experience. The goal was to provide a setting for students to apply what they learn, push the boundaries, hone their teamwork and […]

K-State Basketball Training Facility

Situation: As Kansas State University began planning their new Basketball Training facility, it was adament that their technology was up to par with the unparalleled game-day atmosphere that their basketball program already provides. They needed to provide a facility that would double as a recruiting tool to attract the best. The new $18 million, 50,000 […]

UMKC Bloch School of Business

Situation: When making plans for the new business school, The University of Missouri Kansas City wanted to create a lasting impact within the university and business community that would provide an innovative learning environment. The next generation of the business community is constantly in collaboration and UMKC needed that implemented throughout their technology in their […]


KidsTLC is a nonprofit organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of families in our community who are facing challenges from autism, mental health or wellness issues. KidsTLC has been in the Kansas City metro area since 1972.

Scott Rice

Scott Rice Office Works is an office and school furniture provider in Kansas City. Its headquarters in suburban Kansas City houses the Scott Rice Office Works Knowledge Center, a showroom dedicated to collaboration between office furnishings providers and business leaders.