Kendra Hansen Best

“I truly believe a strong company culture focused on shared goals and values leads the company to success.  You must have employees who believe not only in the product or service you are providing but are passionate about the vision of the company. I have been with SKC for 20+ years because of the outstanding people I work with on a daily basis.”

As Vice President of Human Resources, Kendra is responsible for all things employee related. She is responsible for implementing policies and procedures that positively impact employee satisfaction and overall productivity.  She loves being involved in the entire employee process from recruiting, hiring to employee retention. She has been with SKC since 1999 and has enjoyed watching the company grow from 30 employees to 300+ employees.  Kendra has a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Development from Sinte Gleska University located on the Rosebud Indian Reservation.

Kendra enjoys trying to wrangle her four children while trying to keep sane.  She loves everything related to fashion, makeup, music, and dancing. Kendra is also passionate about traveling with friends and family and is always up for a new adventure.