Mitch Truesdale

“I believe that if you help your customers achieve their goals and solve their problems better than anyone else, the relationship evolves from that of “vendor/customer” to one of partnership. SKC is so unique in the collaboration world because our solutions and areas of expertise were born from working with our customers to solve their problems. We don’t just sell and install technology – we help our customers bring the technologies together to work as one solution, and then make sure they have the support they need to monitor and manage those environments moving forward.”

As Vice President of Sales Mitch is responsible for leadership and strategy of the integration sales team nationwide for SKC. Mitch has a degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish from Northern Illinois University. Mitch joined SKC in 2010 as an Account Executive and worked as Regional Director of the Great Lakes region from 2014-early 2017.

When Mitch isn’t working he and his wife are usually running around to different activities for his two daughters. In-between those activities Mitch loves to travel with his wife, golf, and brew beer.