Tray Vedock

“SKC has a culture of exceeding client expectations and we do that by finding passionate, committed employees and putting them in the position to succeed.  This is something we do really well.  It’s exciting to be part of the ever changing world of technology where we get to help clients use collaboration technology that allows them to work faster and more efficiently.”

Tray has a degree in Accounting with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Kansas.  He began his career at Anderson Consulting before he officially joined SKC in 1994.  His leadership as Executive Chairman has been critical to the overall success of the company.  Tray also serves on the Executive Board of Operation Breakthrough.

Tray wouldn’t consider himself an “extreme” athlete, but most of the rest of us would.  He’s competed in several Iron Man competitions and continues to run and bike competitively.  He relaxes by fishing, boating, and hanging out with his wife and four daughters.