A Lo-Tech Girl in a Hi-Tech World, Part II

So here we are, a few weeks into my personal testing of the Voyager Legend UC, and I love it for many different reasons. Today, I am going to focus on a couple of reasons that are important to me now: hands free talking and sound quality.

First of all, the best and most valuable aspect of having a Voyager Legend UC is being able to drive without looking away from the road. I am able to have both hands on the wheel while driving and that is priceless in my eyes, especially because my beloved Jeep is a manual transmission. I am no longer trying to hold on to a cell phone while driving a stick shift and turning a corner.

The second valuable aspect of this Bluetooth headset is the microphone sound quality. I drive a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top, so my voice could not ever come in loud and clear to the person on the other end of the call due to the wind. The reason people can hear me clearly on my Voyager Legend UC is because this headset has three levels of wind protection built into it and the headset digitally suppresses the wind. With this technology built-in to the headset, people hear me instead of the wind. Another reason why people are able to hear me more clearly on the Voyager Legend UC is because this headset utilizes three different internal microphones as well as an internal equalizer that isolates my voice from the surrounding noises, giving this headset built in noise cancelling features. With these features and technology, my calls are not only more time sensitive, because there is no repetition due to lack of being heard, but my calls also sound more professional through a cell phone than they ever have before.

I will continue to explore the features of the Voyager Legend UC in many different applications, but when it comes to sound quality, which is very important in personal and business calls, I could not be happier.

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