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Do you have A/V and Video in a single room? – No Problem!

SKC is home to both video and A/V technical experts that work very closely to ensure issue resolution is reached as soon as possible.  SKC will help define the right balance of services to make sure every aspect of your video and A/V environment is covered with our industry leading support.  By pairing your desired level of video coverage with one of our A/V coverage options, we can ensure you receive immediate support regardless of the issue.  Our Account Executives will walk you through all of our service offerings and help you understand which combination of video and A/V support is best for your needs.

Combo AV and Video scale

Video Support options

A/V Support options

You can call one number and have access to all of the experts on staff. Our certified technicians will provide extensive troubleshooting and bring in the appropriate resources to make sure we address the root cause of the issue and make the support process as easy as possible on you and your peers. SKC technicians are dedicated to providing superior support and will follow up on any open items to make sure you are satisfied with the resolution before closing your case.