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Let SKC’s Video Support Solutions enhance your productivity and collaboration, while you focus on your core business. Our number one goal is to exceed client expectations as we always take it one step further to ensure that your support experience has unparalleled results. SKC offers a full range of support options, from proactive to reactive support. Our team of experts have a thorough understanding of Video products and their applications, and recognize the need for timely and accurate responses to our clients. Let our support team, with more than 30 years of experience, help you achieve the highest level of satisfaction with the technology you’ve purchased for your environment.

Video Support Services

SKC Managed Services with Partner Maintenance

SKC’s Proactive managed platform allows SKC to evaluate your video environment as a whole and develop a customized service solution to help meet your internal business initiatives. Through our management tool, you will receive 24×7 equipment call monitoring, monthly update alerts, SKC expert staff led software upgrades, troubleshooting, and recommendations to establish standardized settings for your technology deployment. SKC offers concierge services for those high profile or large company meetings; as well as provides metric analysis with monthly reviews to ensure your deployment is being utilized to its fullest. Manufacturer maintenance is required.

SKC Managed Services Terms of Use

SKC VNOC (Video Network Operations Center) Help Desk

Video call not able to launch and all meeting participants staring at you?  Unable to hear participants?  End users needing additional training?  Let SKC provide 24×7 prompt support by our staff of video technical experts; all with ease thru a dedicated toll-free number for priority answer. With Level 1 thru Level 3 certified technicians in place, SKC will triage all issues and escalate as necessary to ensure prompt issue resolution. In addition, SKC will handle all manufacturer RMA’s so you can continue to focus on your core objectives. Manufacturer maintenance is required.

Manufacturer Partner Maintenance

At the heart of our videoconferencing service solutions is manufacturer maintenance. As a certified service provider, SKC offers affordable partner branded solutions to keep your video environment operational. You will receive 8×5 unlimited phone support from one of our Certified Technicians to handle issue resolution and manufacturer escalation; which includes next business day equipment replacement and access to software upgrades.

Conferencing Services

SKC offers customized service plans utilizing top-of-the-line bridging equipment to meet all your audio conferencing and video conferencing needs. Backed by SKC’s technical support team, SKC Conferencing Services offers a full array of bridging features to ensure efficient, effective and affordable conferences:

  • Reservation-less 24/7 audio conferencing for up to 500 sites
  • Prompt support and assistance
  • Hosted, operator assisted conferences
  • Simplified, to-the-second billing
  • Secure and reliable networks
  • Flexible service plans
  • Audio and video plans available for separate or combined use
  • Toll-free and caller-paid phone numbers

Video Support Contact Information:

Phone: (800) 882-7779 ext. 2

Email: skcsupportservices@skccom.com