Plantronics EncorePro Family

The new EncorePro family of headsets is designed to be better for interactions with today’s more mobile, higher risk customer, as well as for talented performers needed to staff customer service organizations. Plantronics researched and took advice from customer service employees and companies to find the set of series to fully satisfy the customer service area.

Customer service that is being moved more to mobile devices leads to noisy environments with lower quality audio. Four areas of focus help this new series to excel. A tactical and visual guide for boom placement was a critical change made because the boom is the most important element to giving clear transmission and noise cancelling. All day wearing comfort, acoustic tuning to capitalize on wideband audio, and contextual information for audio and service quality management all help to make this EncorePro family series the latest and greatest to help provide a customer service experience that is better for the representative and future customer.

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