Plantronics Explorer 500

The new Explorer 500 is the latest and greatest Bluetooth headset available from Plantronics. With smartphone voice control, it is easy to control life whether in the car, at work, or doing day-to-day activities. With the loud surroundings everywhere, the HD Voice experience available with this headset helps with noise clarity and protects against loud wind with wind cancelling technology.

Multilingual notifications help you to stay on task, know when it’s time to recharge, or know when you’ve lost a connection. This headset will also always be close by with its magnetic USB strap to loop around your bag or key chain. This is a great feature for those that are on-the-go all the time to always be close to their device.

With the voice controls, comfortable fit, premium audio and magnetic features, you’re sure to have a headset experience that will make either your work or daily life better.

To learn more about the Explorer 500 or other Plantronics products, call SKC at:

(800) 882-7779, Option 1 for headsets.


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