Plantronics Materials

Day in and day out, each and every person’s skin is exposed to many different things whether it be too much sunshine, chemicals, or different allergens. After working with many different customers from around the country, we have found that it is incredibly rare for a person to have any issue with any of the parts and materials made by Plantronics.
In my years of helping people with headsets, I have only run into two customers having a very minor allergic reaction to their headset, but it got me wondering exactly what kind of materials Plantronics uses in manufacturing their headsets.

According to the Plantronics website, all of the external surfaces are free of natural rubber substances and are made with molded plastic parts. They do not use latex in any of their headset products. A small amount of nickel is used in Plantronics voice tubes that are used with the standard versions of H Series headsets, as well as the metal headbands used for some of the convertible wearing style headsets. If your headset has a gold plated connector, there is most likely a nickel undercoat to help compensate for the softness of the gold. Last but not least, the foam ear cushions found on the headsets that cover one or both ears are simply expanded polyester polyurethane, which does not contain any natural rubber.

In a world with so many threats of allergic reaction on a daily basis, it’s great to know that Plantronics does not use any latex or natural rubber to help ensure that more end users are able to use their products without having any skin irritations.

-Inside sales associate

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