Plantronics Voyager 3200 Series

The Voyager 3200 series is a Bluetooth headset built for anytime, anywhere calls. Its compact size and in-ear wearing style give it a discreet appearance. So you can take your office with you anywhere. It’s an effortless blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

You will never have to sacrifice style for practicality again. Plantronics created the Voyager 3200 with soft silicone ear tips that come in three different sizes so you can pick the level of comfort that works best for you. The headset is offered in three different colors: Diamond Black, Buff White, and Carbon Grey, neutrals that fit every walk of life. There is an optional portable charging case also small and easy to transport for the Voyager 3200 series that protects the headset while not in use and gives an additional 10 hours of talking time.

Smart sensor technology lets you answer and end calls by simply placing the headset to your ear or removing it. Dynamic mute alerts, let you know as soon as you start talking on mute. Despite the size of the headset, the Voyager 3200 is equipped with a triple-mic that delivers high-quality noise canceling and wideband audio for hours of clear, uninterrupted conversation. Want to activate Siri, Cortana, or Google Now? Skip the rifling through bags and pockets for your phone and just use the button placed on the side of the headphone to activate your device.

The Voyager 3200 has the non-stop worker in mind. Small details and high-quality features provide users with clear conversations in the busiest of environments.  A perfect match for those with schedules that start well before the sun and who are still going long after it sets. For more information on the Voyager 3200 series contact the Headset Sales department at SKC Communications at 800-882-7779, option 1.