Plantronics Voyager Legend CS

Like all Plantronics devices, the Voyager Legend CS is no different when it comes to high-end noise canceling technology. The precision mic provides crisp, clear audio no matter where you are, and the noise canceling technology including SoundGuard and advanced WindSmart technology provides multiple layers of wind protection. This headset was made with hours of wear time in mind, making its small lightweight, durable build comfortable for even the longest of conference calls.

Plantronics has created additional accessories like the USB adapter so your headset can quickly connect to your desk phone and PC at the office and when your on-the-go switch to Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. The battery charging travel kit is a must for anyone who finds themselves on the road more than in the office. The case easily stores your headset and USB adapter and protects it from the wear and tear of traveling and gives users an additional 14 hours of talk time. Its pocket size design makes it perfect to slip into carry-ons, purses or even the occasional cup holder.

The Voyager Legend CS is designed with the freedom to work where you want when you want hands-free. It is a perfect combination of size and durability topped off with a polished look. For more information about the Voyager Legend CS, contact the Headset Sales department at SKC Communications at 800-882-7779, option 1.