Poly Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly solution - Microsoft Teams

Superior audio and video go clutter-free for simply better meetings

Choose from a clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms with powerful Poly audio and video peripherals and compact all-in-one Collaboration Bar

Enhancing the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Poly offers a variety of room collaboration options for Microsoft Teams users. These options range from a personal office to a large conference room while ensuring simplicity and high-quality audio and video. 

Poly Studio X30 and X50 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android for smaller meeting spaces. The Poly G-Series Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows for large rooms and room AV integrations. Poly solutions for Microsoft Teams deliver simple yet powerful collaboration experiences that will get the best out of your meetings.

Poly Solution Microsoft Teams

Designed to keep the room clutter free

Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams, including Poly Studio X family Teams Rooms on Android and G-Series Teams Rooms on Windows, are designed to keep the room free of clutters and easy to maintain and manage.

Powerful audio and video technologies

hands-free, production quality camera framing and NoiseBlockAI technology to block out distracting noises let you focus on the meeting and feel more connected.

Poly Solution Microsoft Teams

Turn rooms into Microsoft Teams collaboration space

Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams transform your conference rooms and meeting spaces into Microsoft Teams collaboration space where you can access familiar Teams interface and collaboration features.

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