Poly Trio 8800

Poly Trio 8800

Large Rooms, Unlimited Possibilities

Supplying room-filling audio to large meeting rooms might be a challenge for some conference phones. Not for Poly Trio 8800. Specially tuned mics catch every word in a 20-foot range. Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth® connectivity are built-in. And video conferencing and content sharing can be easily added, ensuring future-proof flexibility. Get ready to transform your large spaces into powerhouses for collaboration. 

Every word comes through

For a conference call that gets results, innovative Poly Acoustic Clarity delivers every inflections, without distracting background noise. People hear each other’s reactions with up to 22kHZ of rich, full sound.

Poly Trio 8800

All kinds of connections

Collaborate using audio, video, content or all three. The Poly Trio 8800 helps teams make decisions faster through a variety of meeting options.

Platforms you know

Connect to the platform you like best or choose more than one with Poly’s hybrid registration.

Poly conference phones interoperate with more than 60+ communication platforms.  We are committed to working with our Partners to maintain up-to-date interoperability, so you get to choose what works for you and we will work too.

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