Poly Work From Home Bundles

Having the right tools while working from home is important. Poly has some great products, that bundled together, make for the right work from home set-up for you. Whether you are looking for a simple and quick set up or you’re a contact center worker, these bundles are just what you need to effectively work from home.

Simple Set-Up

Blackwire 5220 and the EagleEye Mini Camera work from home bundle.

Quick and easy set-up for your remote working experience is the Blackwire 5220 headset and the EagleEye Mini camera. These products instantly add business quality audio and video collaboration to the home office.

Versatile Home Office

Voyager 4220 UC, Calisto Speakerphone, and EagleEye Mini Camera work from home bundle.

If you have a bit more flexibility In your home office the Voyager 4220 UC headset, Calisto speakerphone, and EagleEye Mini camera offers the ease of multiple connection options.

All-Day Video Conferencing

Calisto 5200 speakerphone, Voyager Focus Headset, EagleEye Cube work from home bundle.

If you spend your days on meeting and need the flexibility to move around the Voyager Focus noise-canceling headset, Calisto 5200 speakerphone, and EagleEye Cube camera allow you to listen comfortably and move about during meetings.

Contact Center Work From Home

EncorePro 525 USB and EagleEye Mini Camera bundle.

An EncorePro 525 USB and EagleEye Mini camera ensure you can continue to deliver high-quality customer service and stay engaged with your colleagues.

Executive Home Office

Elara 60 Smartphone Station and Studio USB Video Bar bundle.

Elara 60 Series smartphone station and Studio USB video bar provide the most versatility and performance. With this bundle, your home office is fully equipped to handle all your meetings.

Any of these bundles can help to make your work from home environment feel similar to working in the office. They also help to foster much need connection and collaboration between colleagues. Contact your local SKC Account Executive or, if you’re unsure who your Account Executive is, for more information.

More information on specific products in the Poly Work From Home Bundles can be found at this link.