Poly & Zoom Bundles

In partnering with Poly and Zoom, here at SKC we are able to bring you some great bundle options for all of your work from home or work from the office needs. Whether you are an office worker, a worker on-the-go, or a home office worker these bundles provide you with exactly what you need to get the job done.

Bundle #1

Poly & Zoom Bundle 1

Zoom Pro License

  • $149.90/Year
  • Up to 100 participants per host
  • User management (manage users, such as delete, add, etc.)
  • Admin feature controls (enable/disable account-level settings)
  • Reporting (usage reports)
  • Custom Personal Meeting ID
  • Schedule on behalf of users
  • 1GB cloud recording

Blackwire 5220

  • USB Corded Headset
  • Ideal for all-day use, long conference calls and listening to multimedia
  • Noise-canceling microphone masks nearby talkers for maximum call privacy

EagleEye Mini Camera

  • USB Camera
  • Instantly add business quality video collaboration to your audio
  • A compact solution for the desktop, huddle room or on the go

Bundle #2

Poly & Zoom Bundle 2

Zoom Business License

  • $199.90/Year
  • All Pro Features Plus:
  • Up to 300 participants per host
  • Zoom Dedicated phone support
  • Admin dashboard (analytics)
  • Vanity URL
  • Managed domain
  • Single Sign On
  • Company branding

Voyager 8200 UC

  • Bluetooth Wireless Headset with active noise canceling (ANC)
  • Dual-paired omni-directional microphones with enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) optimize your voice while minimizing background noise
  • Smart sensors allow you to answer calls by simply putting on the headset and automatically mute your calls by taking it off

EagleEye Mini Camera

  • USB Camera
  • Instantly add business quality video collaboration to your audio
  • A compact solution for the desktop, huddle room or on the go

Bundle #3

Poly & Zoom Bundles 3

Zoom Enterprise License

  • $240/Year
  • All Pro & Business Features Plus:
  • Each host license includes a Large Meeting 500 & Webinar 500
  • Dedicated Zoom Customer Success Manager
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage

Voyager Focus UC

  • Stereo Bluetooth headset with active noise canceling (ANC)
  • Smart sensors answer the call by simply putting on the headset
  • Enhanced voice alerts announce caller ID, mute and connection status, talk time level
  • Smart mic boom: wear on either side and maintain locations of R/L stereo and volume/track buttons

Calisto 5200

  • Portable Speakerphone with USB & 3.5mm
  • Omni-directional microphone for full-duplex, conference quality audio with 360º room coverage
  • One-touch call answer/end, volume+/volume+/–, and mute
  • Battery saving auto power on/off detection by 3.5mm plug

Poly Studio

  • Premium USB Video Bar
  • Poly Studio has the best audio quality and voice clarity in its class
  • Distracting sounds are eliminated by Poly patented NoiseBlock technology
  • Video conference with a smart camera that automatically frames the room or tracks the person speaking

Bundle #4

Poly & Zoom Bundles 4

Zoom Room License

  • $499.00/Year
  • Requires hardware running Zoom Room software (can be a PC with a camera, mic, display & tablet, or an all in one device such as a DTEN, Crestron Flex, Poly X series)
  • If joining a meeting as the host, has full Zoom functionality such as managing participants, etc.
  • Includes unlimited Digital Signage licenses
  • Can utilize scheduling panels that integrate with the room’s calendar
  • If a customer has an on-premise phone system that accepts SIP registrations, it can be leveraged for audio dial out/ call in from a Zoom Room at no additional cost

Studio X50

  • Premium Video Bar
  • Get any small or medium room up and running in minutes, with a simple setup process and all-in-one design
  • Easy to share content wirelessly from any personal device — with no special apps or tools needed
  • Powerful audio pickup and incredible noise-blocking technology allows every word to be heard


  • Intuitive Touch Interface Integrated calendar
  • The intuitive interface makes it easy to personalize the experience for more productive meetings
  • Power over Ethernet means only one cable is required, keeping your table clean