SKC Communication Products, LLC is pleased to announce it has acquired Ahern Communications of Quincy, MA. Ahern Communications is closing its business and has transitioned all of its clients to SKC. We welcome you to SKC!

How to Order

  • Phone (800) 882-7779
  • Fax (800) 454-4752
  • Email –
  • Online

We also offer customized websites that can display our full line or a listing of only the approved products your company wishes to purchase. This can support a single buyer or can be rolled out for use through the entire organization. We also support punchout, EDI and Ariba ordering systems.

Credit Application

  • Credit Cards accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover


SKC remit to address:
SKC Communication Products, LLC
3958 Solutions Center
Chicago, IL 60677-3009