Now that IP networks offer the robust quality of service that voice service requires, organizations have been quick to take advantage. Converging voice, video and data over IP maximizes network efficiency, streamlines network architecture, increases ROI, and lowers operating costs.

SKC is uniquely positioned to lead our clients through the convergence of voice, video, and data networking, connecting people any time, any place, over any medium available. SKC has achieved the recognition of being named one of Avaya’s select Diamond Business Partners.

IP Telephony has ushered in the era of anywhere anytime connectivity, with advanced services that make it more natural, convenient, and productive thanĀ ever to communicate with colleagues and customers anywhere in the world at a lower cost than ever.

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With SKC’s Voice Solutions, you will gain:

Improved Productivity and Accessibility

Mobile and remote employees will have consistent, anywhere, anytime access to the applications and resources they need to do their jobs. They can work much as they do in the office, since they can see or talk to colleagues, hold impromptu whiteboard sessions to share ideas, and securely access their corporate applications and services.

New Applications and Services

All users, wherever they are located, can benefit from advanced applications, such as unified communications, media collaboration, interactive voice response and customer contact services. These services enhance staff productivity while improving the customer experience.

Reduced Costs

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Our solutions enable you to streamline your network architecture and administration, optimize bandwidth utilization, centralize applications for many sites, use your existing LAN and the Internet to securely transmit voice and fax calls, and capitalize on new IP services.

Portable and Flexible Services

Geographic moves, channel additions and changes have become almost seamless, plus services can easily be extended to remote sites and home offices over cost-effective IP links.

Centralized Applications

Streamline administrative tasks by centralizing applications for messaging and management, and distributing those capabilities over the IP network. The organization benefits from standard greetings, global administration and a consistent experience across the entire network.

For more information regarding Voice Support Services, please contact your SKC Senior Collaboration Account Executive or call (800) 882-7779.

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