Professional-Grade Video Devices for Wherever Work Happens

Make the most of video calls wherever you’re working. The Poly Studio P Series personal video devices ensure you always look and sound your best. High-performance cameras compensate for lighting imbalances. Poly’s premium audio is fine-tuned to help you focus and eliminate distractions. Choose from a spectrum of solutions and bundles that match every work style—from entry-level workers and students to top executives. IT gains robust cloud management and troubleshooting of every device from anywhere. Look good, hear, and be heard – while projecting your most polished image.

Video Bar: Professional-Grade Video Devices

Always look and sound your best

• Premium camera optics deliver a professional-quality experience for all users
• Cameras auto-adjust to various light levels to ensure you are seen at your best
• Keep your personal clutter out of work calls with cameras optimized to show you and not too much of your surroundings
• Poly’s legendary sound quality is highly tuned for precision, clarity, and richer audio
• Best-in-class noise-canceling microphones detect vocal nuances and filter background distractions
• Integrated privacy shutter keeps you in control of your video for enhanced security and privacy

P5 Camera on Laptop: Professional-Grade Video Devices

Simple to set up and use

• Get up and running quickly with out-of-box simplicity
• Complete audio, video, management software bundles provide the right solution for any work style
• Fine-tune the experience, controls, and alerts with the Poly Lens Desktop app
• Get the most out of your workspace with practical setup tips that go beyond the tech
• Maintain balance throughout your day with gentle health and wellness reminders

Phone Charging with Screen: Professional-Grade Video Devices

Robust Cloud Management with Poly Lens

• Poly Lens cloud management gives IT powerful tools to manage and track devices from anywhere
• Be assured everything is up to date and working properly for everyone, whether in the office, at home or on-the-go
• Troubleshoot problems for remote workers, no matter where they are
• Keep track of your investment with inventory management and interactive mapping

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