Professional Services

SKC Training Overview

We believe user training and ongoing support is critical for the successful integration of voice and video technology in our clients’ daily operations. To that end, SKC provides on-site user training at the time of installation and unlimited user support over phone and video.

Also at the time of installation, SKC will provide customized user guides to help new users operate the new equipment.

In addition to on-site user training at the time of installation, customers can purchase additional onsite or remote training sessions designed to address individual needs through classroom and hands-on learning. These sessions can be geared toward your IT department, end users, management or executives.

Additionally, SKC hosts free, hands-on training classes that provides administrators and key users an opportunity to learn about equipment, networks, troubleshooting and maintenance. Beginner and advanced courses are offered on back-t0-back days at many locations. For a look at upcoming courses, check out our events calendar.