Professional Services

Training Strategy for Video Adoption within your Organization

SKC believes user adoption and training is critical for successful integration of voice and video technology in daily operations. That’s why we offer a multi-faceted plan to build awareness, drive internal excitement, achieve adoption and gauge user satisfaction. It pairs marketing efforts with technical training to help promote your video initiatives internally and help reach as many of your video users as possible to make the video deployment successful. SKC’s marketing communication plan includes the following:


  • Execute a kickoff call to determine all specific details and establish best marketing message for your company’s needs

Digital Marketing

  • Creation and design of internal emails to launch and kick off the messaging for the campaign,build excitement for the launch, showcase benefits of the new system, and announce the training dates

Print Marketing

  • Creation and design of announcements to print and hang internally promoting the upcoming training
  • Creation and design of overview documents and custom created user guides for new system


  • Create a company-specific landing page outlining training sessions, incorporating key marketing message and a link for attendees to download agenda
  • Manage all registrations for trainings; providing weekly updates on registrants
  • Hold four one-hour remote training sessions with an SKC video expert

Adoption and Client Satisfaction

  • Create a customized survey to gauge customer satisfaction and seek input regarding what is working well and what can be improved
  • Provide feedback on any issues that arise and measure the success of the video adoption strategy